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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49

sumoearth Stuffed Animal Plush Pillows with Pockets

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Safe checkoutGot cold hands? Slip your hands in the middle of our stuffed animal plush pillow to keep your hands warm while you enjoy your favorite TV Series. Or use as a cushion for temporary headrest when needed. Choose from our variation of Dinosaur (Green or Pink), Hamster (Brown or Grey), Pig or Unicorn (Blue or Pink). 

Having warm and cozy hands while fulfilling your needy gestures of hugging is an incredible feeling. A gorgeous gift for plush toy lovers.

Product Features

    • stuffed animal plush pillows with pockets
    • soft-filled cotton
    • age: 3 or older
    • type and color:
      unicorn - blue or pink
      hamster - brown or grey
      dinosaur - green or pink
    • dimension: 30cm

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