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Bubbles the Snuggle Kitty Cat Plush Body Pillow

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Bubbles the Snuggle Kitty Cat Plush Body Pillow is made with the softest elastic plush which provides a squishy and warm snuggle.

A plush body pillow that is simply adorable with their cute pink embroidery paw, spotted back and tail design. A snuggle companion to cuddle and provide comfort everywhere you need!

Available in small (60cm), medium (90cm) or large (110cm) and in orange or grey. 

The stuffed kitty cat companion will accompany you through your long days. A friend to snuggle and keep you company whenever you need. 

Our plush is made with the highest quality of plush elastic and filled with soft cotton that provides a squishy and comforting feeling with every hug. The SnuggleKitty cat should provide a sense of security while asleep or ease anxiety while snuggling alongside the sofa, bed or car. 

Both our Kitty Cat Plush is known for the perfect cat plush gift for their little ones during the holidays. Incredible plush to snuggle, and just flat-out adorable. 

Pick up Neeko or Bubbles today!

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Product Features

    • bubbles the snuggle kitty cat plush body pillow
    • soft-filled cotton
    • age: 3 or older
    • color: grey or orange 
    • dimensions
      small ~70cm
      medium ~90cm
      large ~110cm

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