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Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Cover

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SumoEarth's Long or Mini Rubber Hot Water Bottle comes with a Wool Cover that provides a softer touch towards the skin of the body. The slim designs make it travel-ready (portable), lightweight and gives a precise contact with the body to relieve pain. It could be filled with iced water to reduce swelling and pain. 

Benefits of Hot Water Bottle:

  • Aches and Pain, Sore Backs, Stomach Aches, Muscular Tension and helps alleviate stress
  • Relief for menstrual pain and cold fever from the flu
    (do not heat to boiling temperatures and may damage the bottle)

Benefits of Iced Water Bottle:

  • Decrease Pain, Swelling, Inflammation and Muscle Spasm/Cramping
  • Best used after exercise or pain-producing activity (prolonged use can cause frostbite)

Product Features

    • soft silicone, travel-size, and slim design
    • microwave-friendly
    • age: 3 or older
    • capacity: 240mL ~ 252mL
    • color: Blue, Gray, Pink or White
    • size:
    • mini: 10.5 x 15.8cm
    • large: 10.5 x 24cm

Product Care

Avoid boiling water, may cause damage to the bottle
Avoid prolonged used hot or icy
Please make sure the temperature is right if applying on yourself or the child.

Product Includes

Long or Mini Hot Water Bottle 1x
Quality Wool Cover 1x


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