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Pebbles the Stuffed Calico Cat Body Pillow | Soft Plush Toy

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Pebbles the Calico Kitty Cat Body Pillow is an adorable plush toy that is soft, cuddly and squishy. A cute kitty cat plush companion for you or your little ones to cuddle throughout the day. Perfect to have alongside your bed, sofa or even for long car rides. 

An inspired cartoon-like calico kitty cat design that is made with elastic plush and filled with soft-cotton for a squishy sensation. Pebbles has cute embroidery paws, striped tail, and a fantastic smile or neutral look. A gorgeous gift for any Cat Lovers, and an incredible plush body pillow that will quickly become your favorite toy to hug.

Only available online.

Product Features
  • calico kitty cat body pillow
  • soft plush toy
  • soft-filled cotton
  • age: 3 or older
  • type: ~smile or without
  • dimensions:
    medium ~70cm
    large ~100cm

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