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Quackers the Cute Duck Plush Toy - Duck Stuffed Animal


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The Cute Duck Plush Toy is hilariously cuddly and squishy. Quackers' signature move is mimicking the most common duck face us humans do. Have you ever caught yourself making the duck face or know someone who does?

The round and soft duck plush is most definitely your partner in crime. A great duck companion to hug and cuddle while watching your favorite shows. Not to mention you can now take duck-face selfies with your pal Quackers!

Available in Blue or Yellow and in the sizes of Small (40cm) or Large (50cm).

A unique plush toy gift for duck lovers and a fantastic plush pillow to hug.


Product Features

    • soft-filled cotton
    • age: 3 or older
    • color: yellow or blue
    • dimensions: 40 or 50cm 

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