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Realistic Stuffed Dog Plush Toy | Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Husky, Pug, Ridgeback

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Safe checkoutI bet you're here simply because you love your dog, or you know someone who does.

I frequently find myself looking for cute dog-related gifts for someone who expresses undying love for their pet dog.

Our Realistic Stuffed Dog Plush Toy mimics the look of your Pug, Husky, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Greyhound, and Ridgeback pet dog. They are hilariously funny as a gift and is the perfect stuffed animal pillow to have alongside the sofa, bed, or car. The pillows are also incredibly squishy and soft to hug. 

A unique memorable or decor pillow that will show your love for your pet dog. A definite chuckle with friends and family when your beloved dog reacts to the pillow.


Product Feature

    • realistic stuffed dog plush toy
    • soft and squishy
    • filled with soft-cotton
    • type: dalmatian, german shepherd, greyhound, husky, pug, ridgeback
    • dimensions:
      small  ~45cm
      medium ~55cm
      large ~75cm
      dalmatian, german shepherd, greyhound, husky, ridgeback:
      small ~50cm
      medium ~70cm
      large ~90cm

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