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Berry the Sloth Plush Toy - Sloth Plush Pillow

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Safe checkoutBerry is a one-of-a-kind sloth that loves being awake and active but super lazy. He does not like to move but loves to get snuggled at all times. A super needy sloth plush pillow that will pair well if you like endless attraction and hug.

You can believe that Berry is incredibly soft, squishy and huggable!ย 

Berry gets along with everyone especially kids. He loves to be active and play with anyone. The perfect stuffed sloth companion that is available in Brown or Yellow and in the size of Small (60cm), Medium (80cm) or Large (100cm).ย 

Adorable gift and guarantee amazing sloth cuddles...perfect as a cuddle companion.ย 

Product Features

    • sloth plush pillow
    • soft-filled cotton
    • age: 3 or older
    • color: brown or yellow
    • dimensions:
    • small ~60cm
    • medium ~80m
    • large ~100cm

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