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Toddler Alphabet Alpha-Bots Transformers

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The animal Alpha-Bot Transformer Set is both educational and fun. Giving your toddlers a different approach to learn the alphabets by transforming the letters into staggering toys. The alpha-bot comes in 26 different variations that can connect with the other alphabets alpha-bot to form a bigger transformer. An interactive way to get your toddler exposed to alphabets and an unique gorgeous gift for any baby. 

no box. 

Reduces the price and helps the environment. If you are looking to give it as a gift, it would be best to find a nice container and wrap the alphabets up. 

Product Features:

  • dinosaurs alpha-bots
  • 26 alphabet transformers (full-set)
  • educational toy for toddlers
  • age: 3+ and above
    choking hazard warning!

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